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On Bootcut Jeans Coming Back

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MOTHER Denim, Fall 2019, Bootcut Jeans, bootcut jeans trend returning

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Sometimes late in 2018 to early 2019, there was much hoopla and dismay about the return of bootcut jeans. They are back in? Did they ever go out? … no, really.

This jean style which was a denim staple in the 1990’s can now be seen on the runway, on your favorite fashion social media page and on retailer’s racks and websites.

MOTHER Denim, Fall 2019, Bootcut Jeans, bootcut jeans trend returning
MOTHER Denim Bootcut Jeans, Fall 2019

For many, trends in fashion are met with apprehension, sometimes mixed with a bit of excitement. This begs the question –  how closely does anyone sticks to the latest trends?  But what’s trending in fashion affects what you’re likely to find offered for sale by retailers.

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Just because they’re selling them doesn’t mean you have to buy them. What matters is that it’s a style you like and that it suits you. Different types of jeans fit some figures better than others. You may want to consider bootcut jeans if you are among those cautious about this jean trend. This jean style can create curves for women with a straight, rectangular figure or balance a curvy, hourglass figure.

Selena Gomez wearing Bootcut Jeans, bootcut jeans trend coming back
Selena Gomez wears bootcut jeans

Some of the initial consternation referred to a GQ article about bootcut jeans for men. Perhaps that’s why there may be more apprehension about this trend. The look can be considered retro. And you’re less likely to find a man wearing a polyester leisure suit from the 1970’s than a woman wearing vintage mod 70’s fashion. (Society seems to afford women a bit more flexibility when it comes to vintage.)

Michael Kors Fall 2019 boot cut jeans, bootcut jeans trend coming back
Michael Kors Bootcut Jeans, Fall 2019

Most of us have several pairs of jeans in our closet and some of them tucked away from years and seasons ago. Different silhouette and jean styles gives many more options to vary your look and style.

Cindy Crawford wears boot-cut jeans, bootcut jeans trend returning
Cindy Crawford wears Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans are a more modest version of wider flared leg jeans. These jeans  are better for petite women than wide flares because they won’t look out of proportion for a shorter frame. They also balance a pear shape better than wide flare jeans.

For any figure, this jean style looks great with a heel. If the hem of the jean covers the heel this elongates your legs. Dark wash or black denim and heels that are the same color as the denim fabric amplify the leggy look.

bootcut jeans
bootcut jeans covering heels

A lean and leggy look, enhanced curves for hourglass and pear shapes, creating curves for boyish figures – what’s not to like?

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images: MOTHER Denim, Michael Kors, Pinterest

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