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Katie Holmes Style – Distressed Jeans

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Katie Holmes, distressed jeans, puffy leeve shirt

From watching Katie Holmes one thing is clear – she can rock trends like a boss. She has already given us style inspo in  the way she styled a denim on denim outfit by wearing attention-getting red heels with the double denim look.  Not one to rest on her fashion laurels, Katie wears one of the more daring versions of the puffy sleeve shirt trend and pairs it with heavily distressed jeans both pieces from Khaite .

Katie Holmes, Khaite distressed jeans, Khaite puffy sleeve shirt
Katie Holmes in Khaite Brianne Oversized Cotton-poplin Shirt, Khaite High-Waisted Distressed Jeans

Katie Holmes outfit

A tricky look to pull of but with fashionista creds the likes of Katie Holmes, she is among those that could make it work. For us civilians, we certainly can wear an inspired version of the outfit – maybe closer fitting or not so ripped jeans and a shirt with less puffed up sleeves. Certainly the theme of the outfit can be replicated – she combines a dressy, romantic top with grunge denim. The accessories are polished and classic.

Classic + Romantic + Grunge

It’s a combination that can be tantalizing – like salty/sweet using a food analogy.

She is wearing Khaite Brianne Oversized Cotton-poplin Shirt worn over a white turtleneck top and Khaite High-Waisted Distressed Jeans. Stuart Weitzman black Apogee Pointed Toe Booties, a black Chloe Milo Bag and dark sunglasses accessorize the look.
Khaite Brianne Oversized Cotton-poplin Shirt, Khaite High-Waisted Distressed Jeans, Stuart Weitzman Black Apogee Pointed Toe Booties, Black Chloe Milo Bag, Ripped Jeans

Puffy sleeve designs have been around for a while

I’ve read articles by some who refer to the puffy sleeve look as from the 1980’s. Truth is, leg-of-mutton or puffy sleeves go much further back

From a description on retailers’ product page for the shirt –  “For Fall ’19, Khaite’s Creative Director Catherine Holstein reimagines popular styles worn by American women in past centuries. This ‘Brianne’ shirt has voluminous puffed sleeves that recall Victorian silhouettes.

Not only was this sleeve style popular in the 19th century but in the 16th century as well. But I digress … back to current fashion.

Puffy sleeves can balance figures

Puffed sleeves are on-trend at the moment, which means you will find more options and offerings of this sleeve style from retailers. Puffy sleeve shirts are great for pear body shapes and diamond body shapes to balance a figure that is appreciably narrower up top than at the hips.

But no matter what your body type, there is such a variety of the puffy sleeve style that you can find one that works for you.

(Pear shapes can be slim to full figured but have narrower shoulders in comparison to the hips, a smaller bust and a defined waistline.Diamond shapes are another figure type that can benefit from puffy sleeves. They also have narrow shoulders and a smaller bust but a fuller, undefined waistline)

Katie Holmes, distressed jeans, puffy sleeve shirts


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