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Jeans rise definitions and 7 tips for best fit

What is jean rise? When people speak of jean rise they usually mean the front rise on jeans. The front rise measurement on jeans is the measurement from the waist band to the crotch seam. Jeans rise may be labeled low rise, midi rise or high rise.

Choosing jeans with a particular rise can not only be a matter of a styling option but also, according to figure and body shape, can help accentuate or draw attention away from areas on your figure. Another thing to consider is that the rise on jeans may fit differently according to your vertical body proportions (short torso, balanced, long torso).

For example, for someone with a short torso, a mid-rise/medium rise jean will fit like a pair of high rise/high waisted jeans. Included in this article are not only definitions for low rise, mid rise and high rise jeans but also quick style tips to help you achieve the look you want when you wear jeans.

What is front rise on jeans – definitions and measurements

The rise measurement given on product pages for jeans is typically the front rise on jeans. Just as definitions vary by brand for labeling different types of jean styles for women, there is some slight overlap in the categorization of jeans rise as low rise, mid rise or high rise.

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Jeans rise, Measurement of front rise on jeans
rise on jeans
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**Keep in mind…

Where a pair of jeans will fall on your waistline can be influenced by different factors. How tight-fitting or relaxed the cut is, the length of your own unique body rise, (the length from the leg-break/crotch to your natural waistline) whether you have balanced body proportions, a long torso or a short torso. Also, the stretch of the denim will play into where jeans fall on your waist. And another thing – some rise measurements provided by brands are approximate. The variation is obvious in the pictures below. The rise measurements were provided by the retailers.

What is meant by low, mid or high rise can vary by brand. But the measurements fall within a general range. (Some brands just list the length of the rise and don’t categorize the jeans’ rise)

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What does high rise jeans mean?

High rise jeans are defined as having a fit at or above the belly button and generally the jeans rise measures 9-10 inches. They are also referred to as high waist or high waisted jeans. Super high-rise or super high-waist jeans (also called ultra high-rise/high waist) fit above the belly button and the front rise generally measures above10 inches.

Style Tips
  • For those with a long torso and short legs, a high-rise jean will elongate your legs and make your torso appear more proportional.
  • High-rise jeans lengthen your legs by elongating the line of the jeans. Wear high rise jeans with pointy shoes or heels and have the hem skim the floor for extra elongation.

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High-Rise/High-Waist Jeans & Super High-Rise/High-Waist Jeans Examples

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high rise jeans
super high rise jeans
high rise jeans
high rise jeans
super or ultra super high rise jeans
super or ultra super high rise jeans

What does mid rise jeans mean?

Mid-Rise/Mid-Waist/Medium Rise

Mid rise jeans sit between the hip and the belly button. This rise is also called mid-waist or medium rise. The jeans rise on these types of jeans generally measures 8 – 9 inches.

Style Tips
  • For women with a short body-rise / short torso, mid-rise jeans may fit like high-rise jeans (high-rise jeans may fit too far above the natural waist).
  • Mid-rise jeans that hit just below the belly button help control a tummy pooch/muffin top.
  • A mid-rise jean where the waistband falls slightly above the widest part of your hips will make your hips appear slimmer.

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mid-rise jeans
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mid rise jeans
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What does low rise jeans mean?


Low rise jeans sit at or below the hip. The typical jeans rise measurements for low rise jeans is 7 – 8 inches. Low rise jeans are also referred to as low waist jeans.

Style Tips

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low rise flare jeans with a wide waistband
low rise flare jeans with a wide waistband

The front rise on jeans isn’t the only factor worth considering in picking a pair of jeans that you’ll look your best in. Find style tips and definitions for bootcut jeans, mom jeans, skinny jeans and more – read 19 types of jean styles for women. In another article, learn about denim washes and treatments while getting tips to flatter your figure and ideas to add variety to your denim wardrobe. See how design details like fading, back pockets and leg seams can cure many figure blues. Find all that info and more in the article on how to look good in jeans.

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