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Irina Shayk, black and white jeans, the look for less

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Irina Shayk, black and white jeans, thong jeans, mugler jeans

Irina Shayk adds high fashion edginess to her black and white jeans outfit. The model and actress was spotted in New York wearing an ensemble consisting of an asymmetrical bodysuit and high-rise, black and white jeans, both by Mugler.

This is the same bold design worn by Irina Shayk and fellow catwalk superstar Bella Hadid on the runway for Mugler Spring 2021.

Want a similar look, albeit a bit more tame? Read on for two-tone jeans and asymmetrical tops that you can add to your wardrobe for a much less hefty price tag. (You will find these stylish bargains at about the middle of this post.)

Irina Shayk, Street Style

Irina Shayk, black and white jeans, thong jeans, mugler jeans
Irina-Shayk wearing black and white jeans. (Mugler Spiral Jeans, Thong Jeans)

Irina Shayk accessorized her outfit with Both Gao Combat Boots and Burberry Small Lambskin Olympia Bag.

Irina Shayk, thong jeans, black and white jeans, mugler jeans
Irina Shayk wears cheeky black and white jeans outfit
Irina Shayk, black and white jeans, thong jeans, mugler jeans
Iryna Shayk’s edgy street style.

Black and White Jeans, Two-Tone Jeans

The Look for Less

Irina, who translates the catwalk to street style, is not a wall flower when it comes to fashion, often sporting on-trend and cutting edge styles. Not a supermodel? No problem, you can get the same color-block look for less, even if it isn’t so daring as the Mugler thong jeans.

If your interested in the following two jeans (DIDK and Unigds), note that the reviews do say they run small!

One good thing about color-blocking is the slimming effect that these two-tone jeans can have for your legs.

When it comes to two-toned or color-block jeans, there are many options.

Asymmetrical Top

The Look for Less

Asymmetrical tops are an easy way to add something a bit different to your wardrobe. And check out the product pages because all of the tops come in other colors such as white, tan, green, pink, etc.

Mugler Spiral Jeans

The jeans, dubbed “spiral jeans” by the French fashion house, have contrasting Lycra panels that emulate the look of a thong. The design is a cheeky nod to the exposed thong trend. (The jeans. which retail for $531, and the bodysuit are sold out on and

Irina Shayk walked the runway for Mugler in the presentation of their Spring 2021 collection. She wore similar jeans to the ones in the above photos but with reversed dark/light tones and a complimentary denim jacket.

Irina Shayk, black and white jeans, thong jeans, mugler spring, 2021
Irina Shayk, Mugler Spring 2021

Bella Hadid modeled light wash denim and black two-toned jeans and a mostly sheer top for Mugler Spring 2021.

Bella Hadid, thong jeans, Mugler Spring, 2021
Bella Hadid, Mugler Spring 2021

Images: Pinterest, GotCeleb

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