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Hourglass Body Shape – Best Jean Styles

Best jeans for curvy women, hourglass figure

An hourglass body shape is balanced in proportions with a well defined, smaller waist. This figure has been one of the many idealized female figures throughout history.

hourglass body shape

Hourglass Body Shape

  • Balanced in proportions
  • A well defined, smaller waist

Style Tips for an Hourglass Body Shape

Any of the types of jeans for women look great on an hourglass body shape but these tips help you find the best jeans for hourglass figures that make the most of your curves. However, If you are extremely curvy and shorter in stature, like Kim Kardashian foe example, it may take a little more styling to looked ‘balanced’ in your figure. For the narrow leg jean look straight leg jeans may be a better option than clingy skinny jeans.

Flatter Your Curves

jeans with a wide boot-cut silhouette flatter an hourglass figure.

Flared jeans can balance the hips and thighs of a curvy figure. However, if you have very wide hips, wide flare-leg jeans will make your legs look proportionally very short. A better choice is a jean that is cut straight down to the knee with a slight flare at the bottom or a wider boot-cut jean.

bootcut jeans
bootcut jeans
flare jeans
flare jeans

Trouser jeans and wide-leg jeans that have a wide leg from hip to foot can enhance a proportionally small, defined waist.

trouser jeans
trouser jeans
wide leg jeans
wide leg jeans

Best fitting jeans for curvy figures, Keep Covered in the Rear

These construction elements factor into finding the best jeans for curvy women:

Stretch denim hugs your curves and makes for a more sleek silhouette

Jeans cut higher in the back can provide more coverage for very curvy, full bottoms. (High-rise and mid-rise jeans offer the best coverage.)

A straight cut waistband can gap at the waist  for figures with full hips/ rear and a small waist. A better fit for the hourglass figured with a characteristically  small waist and fuller hips is a contoured waistband. A contoured waist band is cut on a curve to follow the curves of the body and prevent gaps.

Curvy-fit jeans (such as those pictured below) that are specifically designed for a small waist and fuller bottom usually have a contoured waistband and extra room in the hip/butt area and yet won’t gap at the waist.

straight and contoured waistbands in jeans
straight and contoured waistband pattern pieces

Lee jeans and Ralph Lauren are among many denim brands that offer curvy fit jeans. These jeans can feature a contoured waistband, stretch denim and a curvy fit in the hip and thigh.

Bootcut Jeans, Boot cut Jeans,Lee Platinum Avery Curvy Bootcut Jeans
Lee Platinum Avery Curvy Bootcut Jeans

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Ralph Lauren Super Stretch Modern Curvy Straight Jeans
Ralph Lauren Super Stretch Modern Curvy Straight Jeans

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More Style Tips

The Jeans in the above photos are worn with nude heels  – this adds an illusion of a little more height and elongates your legs

Further style tips including advice to make your  legs look longer are in the article How to Look Good in Jeans.

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