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Girlfriend Jeans vs. Boyfriend Jeans, The difference in fit

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girlfriend jeans vs boyfriend jeans, the difference compared

Girlfriend and boyfriend jeans are no longer just a trend but are a casual fashion staple that offer options for all figures. Knowing what the differences are between girlfriend jeans and boyfriend jeans can help you pick the best style for your figure and height. Because the fit of any type of jean varies from brand to brand, the girlfriend and  boyfriend fit jeans compared here are both from the same brand, Gap Factory.

The better informed you are, the less hassle – less returns of online purchases because the fit isn’t what you expected.  Or being better informed,  in the case of in-person purchases, means less trips to the dressing room. Whether you are shopping online or in a store it helps to be familiar with jean styles and the terms brands use to describe their jeans.

Boyfriend Jeans Fit Compared to Girlfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are often “over-sized” in fit resulting in a loose-fitting, baggy silhouette that sits lower on the hips. This was the type of jean fit Marilyn Monroe wore when she further popularized denim among women in the early 1960’s by wearing jeans in the movie The Misfits.

This comfy, casual jean fit isn’t cut to follow a curvier figure but is cut to fit a more angular figure. Some boyfriend jeans are labeled as slim cut, meaning they are less slouchy but still have a looser fit. (The jeans shown are Gap Factory Mid Rise Destructed Sexy Boyfriend Fit Jeans)

Girlfriend jeans vs boyfriend jeans, boyfriend jeans fit
Boyfriend jeans fit
Girlfriend jeans vs boyfriend jeans, boyfriend jeans fit, baxk
Boyfriend jeans fit – back view

Girlfriend Jeans Fit Compared to Boyfriend Jeans

Around 2014-2015, jean brands soon added another option to the boyfriend style – girlfriend jeans. Girlfriend jeans are cut for a closer fit and taper more in the leg. The close cut means that girlfriend jeans don’t sit as low on the waist as the looser-fitting boyfriend jean. The closer fitting silhouette makes the girlfriend jean a style that can be worn for a casual daytime look or dressed up for a night out.

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What is considered a boyfriend fit or a girlfriend fit can be defined differently by jean makers. Jean brands vary how they describe types of jeans and there can be some overlap but jeans labeled as a slim-cut boyfriend style may have a slightly boxier appearance than girlfriend jeans and the girlfriend jean fit has a more tapered silhouette. (The jeans shown are Gap Factory Soft Wear Mid Rise Girlfriend Jeans)

Girlfriend jeans vs boyfriend jeans, girlfriend jeans fit
Girlfriend jeans fit
Girlfriend jeans vs boyfriend jeans, girlfriend jeans fit, back
Girlfriend jeans fit – back view

Girlfriend Jeans vs. Boyfriend Jeans

Side-by-Side Comparison

Girlfriend jeans vs. boyfriend jeans – so, what’s the difference? In short, the difference is in the looseness or generosity of the cut. Girlfriend jeans are a slimmed down, sleeker version of the boyfriend jean.

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Though they differ in fit, both are usually made from rigid denim and are straight/tapered leg jeans (though I have seen jeans described as “boyfriend” that have wider leg openings). Both can be low-rise, mid-rise or high-rise.

girlfriend jeans vs boyfriend jeans, girfriend fit compared to boyfriend fit

Girlfriend Jeans vs Boyfriend Jeans – differences in fit

Girlfriend and boyfriend fits mean more options for style and body shapes

Girlfriend jeans and boyfriend jeans add options to your denim wardrobe and are a great addition or alternative to skinny jeans and bootcut jeans.  Both are also a more wearable alternative to tapered leg mom jeans which can accentuate a tummy pooch or elongate your behind.

Baggier version of the boyfriend fit jean

Very skinny figures and petite frames can be overwhelmed by excessively baggy, slouchy-fit boyfriend jeans. On the other end of the spectrum, if you have a large bottom and/or wide hips, the bagginess of slouchy boyfriend jeans can make those areas appear heavier.

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Wearing clothes that are too bulky (or too tight ) is least flattering for full or very curvy figures. A girlfriend jean or slim cut boyfriend jean will flatter your curves the best.

very baggy boyfriend fit jeans, what is boyfriend fit

Topshop MOTO High Waist Boyfriend Jeans – Very baggy boyfriend fit jeans

There are some boyfriend jeans that may be designed to be worn with a baggy, slouchy fit or some women may size-up so that their boyfriend jeans have a very loose fit.


These Rag & Bone Rosa Mid-Rise Boyfriend Jeans are cut looser in the hips and thighs.

Rag & Bone Rosa Mid-Rise Boyfriend Jeans, Back

slouchy fit boyfriend jeans, what is boyfriend fit

Rag & Bone Rosa Mid-Rise Boyfriend Jeans, Looser Fit Boyfriend Jeans

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If you are petite you may drown your small frame if the boyfriend jeans are too baggy. But if you have the fashion chops, wearing slouchy-fit boyfriend jeans can be done well. Style mavens know how break the fashion rules and not worry about baggy jeans drowning their petite frames. A baggy fitting boyfriend jean works well with a bohemian or hipster style. Even if you are petite like Nicole Richie, fashionistas know how to bring the boho or hipster chic!

Nicole Richie wearing slouchy boyfriend fit jeans.

Nicole Richie wearing slouchy boyfriend fit jeans.

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