Denim on denim – 5 easy style tips

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Denim on denim can make a statement or can go oh, so wrong. Of course, denim fabric has a variety of looks. There are different washes, weights and colors. To wear the look and pull it off, keep reading for easy styling tips to wear this trend. Included are easy to follow styling tips for denim on denim and galleries of celebrity photos to inspire –


1. Mix shades, weights, washes and colors of denim

Denim-on-denim 101 is to pair different weights,  washes, shades and colors of denim – the safest bet is a black or white paired with blue. If you are going to wear one color make sure the tops and bottoms have different weights and/or shades. For example pairing a top made from denim’s lighter weight cousin, chambray fabric, with denim pants.

Jennifer Hudson denim on denim
Jennifer Hudson, chambray shirt, distressed jeans

Jennifer Hudson

Mila Kunis denim on denim
Mila Kunis
Kristin Cavallar Double Denim
Kristin Cavallari
Christina Hendricks denim on denim
Christina Hendricks
Cindy Crawford double denim
Cindy Crawford
Ashley Olson denim on denim
Ashley Olson

2. Add a top in a different color

Whether bold or subdued, wearing a different color top with same or similar color denim jacket and jeans is a great way to break up the block of denim color.  Primary yellow and red definitely make a statement. If you want a more subdued statement try a colorful top in shades such as mint, amber or mauve.

Jessica Alba
Kate Hudson
Gigi Hadid
Christina Milian
Chrissy Teigen

3. Contrasting outerwear

Instead of adding a block of color or pattern under a denim jacket with pants you can wear a contrasting coat cape or blazer over a chambray shirt.Adding a tailored blazer with skinny jeans will give you a polished look. Gocasual with a patterned cape or even a khaki jacket. Of course you can add a bit of luxe and color by wearing a faux-fur jacket.

Victoria Sekrier
Olivia Palermo
Olivia Palermo
Miranda Kerr
Jamie Chung
Elle Macpherson
Daniela Braga


4. Distressed works with denim on denim

Distressed denim adds texture to the fabric as well as a different color on the sea of blue, black or gray jeans. The white weft threads add a contrast to the dyed warp thread. Even if the jeans are white distressing on white jeans still adds texture. This can help a double denim outfit work

Kylie Jenner
Gigi Hadid
Kim Kardashian

5. Colorful or contrasting accessories

A go-to style trick is to pair an otherwise monochromatic toned outfit with contrasting accessories. Add a splash of color or pattern with handbags and shoes. You can also add a hat to a denim on denim outfit in a color different than your denim.

Katie Holmes
Rachel McAdam
Gigi Hadid
Cameron Diaz
Emily Ratajkowski
Ashley Benson
Gwen Stefani

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