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Dakota Fanning’s Jean Jacket with Leggings

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jean jacket with leggings, denim jacket, dakota fanning

Dakota Fanning is seen in a jean jacket with leggings – and wearing pink surgical gloves (combing style with prudence). The denim jacket is Sandro Blue Moorea Plaid Peplum Denim Jacket. She keeps her head down and ‘keeps it moving’ in this ensemble – and that is what this outfit conveys – practical and comfortable clothing.

jean jacket with leggings, denim jacket, dakota fanning
Jean Jacket with Leggings – Dakota Fanning in Sandro Blue Moorea Plaid Peplum Denim Jacket

Leggings or jeggings which can be a go-to for errands are a natural to be paired with a denim jacket. Of interest to this themed blog – in case you hadn’t noticed – is the jean jacket she is wearing. A jacket is a practical thing to keep us warm but with practicality you can always add a dash of style. And so to the point of this post – a collection of jean jackets that are comfy and oversized for you to take a look at. Plus a few leggings – a comfortable choice to wear on errands or for just hanging out at home

An interlude for a moment, from the purely style aspect of fashion, – clothing and accessories have always been more than just an accoutrement to protect us from the elements. Clothing can also act as expression in the range of human experiences. Fashion has been an instrument to distinguish social class. Fashion and clothing choice has played a conscious part of social resistance and as part of the artistic expression of music and culture – more recently from the mod culture and hippie movement in the 50’s and 60’s to grunge rock and hip-hop of the 1990’s. Universities even offer courses on the sociology of fashion.

Fashion can serve vanity’s purpose in better times or, through struggles, it can be an anodyne trinket to soothe so that we can be prudent but keep calm and carry on

Oversized Jean Jacket with Leggings

An oversized jean jacket like the one worn by Dakota Fanning goes perfectly with leggings. The oversized denim jacket can cover-up if we want to ‘just not show too much’ and the bulky top and slim leg is a casual look that has almost become a standard. You even can ‘size-up’ if needed to make the jean jacket oversized.

Jean Jackets and Denim Shirt Jackets

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Athleisure clothing as casual wear is so common that leggings rival jeans as a go-to casual type of pant. Leggings come in an array of styles and colors. Not only are there standard length leggings but capri leggings. Cold weather? No problem. Fleece lined leggings are widely available.

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Denim Leggings / Jeggings and Pull-On Jeans

Because the focus of this website is denim and jeans, denim leggings or jeggings and pull-on jeans shouldn’t be left out! (Check out the product pages to see the range of colors and washes available in these brands)

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