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Cropped Jeans Outfit, Alessandra Ambrosio Casual Style

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A cute cropped jeans outfit is something we should all have in our closet for a go-to fun option for casual wear. Alessandra Ambrosio’s casual style serves as an inspiration for the casual outfits with jeans included in this post.

When I saw this outfit that Alessandro Ambrosio wore to lunch at Il Pastaio restaurant in Beverly Hills, I had to do a quick write-up on this easy casual jeans outfit. This cropped jeans outfit can be adapted for women of all shapes and sizes and I’ve included styling tips in this post. (In the clothing options for the outfits, product links are in the captions below the product images when available)

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Alessandra Ambrosio Casual Jeans Outfit with MOTHER The Insider Crop Jeans

Cropped jeans as well as cuffed and capri jeans can be a little intimidating for some who fear these jeans styles will shorten their legs. I’ve included some style tips for those who don’t happen to be a leggy supermodel like Alessandra Ambrosio.

We want to know what our favorite celebrity is wearing. We have the outfit ID’ed but now what? You can steal her style but may not have her body type – but no worries because read on for ideas to make her style your style.

(More styling tips can be found in the article on how to wear cropped jeans, capri jeans and cuffed jeans.)

Get the Look: MOTHER The Insider Crop Jeans & Sanctuary Sweater

mother the insider crop jeans. cropped jeans, outfit id, steal her style
Mother the Insider Crop Jeans, color: A Side of Rice and Beans

Alternative MOTHER crop jeans and sweater

The exact color of Alessandra Ambrosio’s MOTHER The Insider Crop Jeans – in color A Side of Rice and Beans – do not seem to be available. However, there are alternatives to get the look of Alessandra Ambrosio’s casual style.

At the time this article was published, the same style of MOTHER The Insider Crop Jeans in a different color, Not Guilty, are available at Shopbop’s Amazon store, The Shop by Shopbop in a full range of sizes.

Alessandra Ambrosio Casual Style

Mother The Insider Crop Jeans Outfit, OutfitID, Alessandra Ambrosio, OutfitID
Alessandra Ambrosio: Colorful Sweater & MOTHER The Insider Crop Jeans Outfit
alessandra ambrosio, mother crop jeans, steal her style, outfitid, get the look

MOTHER Insider Crop Step Fray Jeans & MOTHER The Tomcat Jeans

As alternatives to get the same look of the cropped jeans outfit, I’ve included two options for jeans from the MOTHER Denim brand. MOTHER Insider Crop Step Fray Jeans are in a light-wash similar to MOTHER The Insider Crop Jeans in A Side of Rice and Beans.

And there’s also MOTHER The Tomcat Jeans in a medium wash if you prefer. Both are available at The Shop by Shopbop. They are both high-rise/high-waisted crop jeans. A high rise cropped jean is a good choice because they can extend the line of the leg and make you look leggier.

Most of us don’t have the figure of a Victoria’s Secret supermodel. A darker wash like the MOTHER The Tomcat Jeans in Wild Game or black crop jeans like the MOTHER The Insider Jeans in Not Guilty are slimming.

Similar shoes to wear with the Alessandrio Ambrosio inspired cropped jeans outfit

Any of us can look just as put together and stylish in our cropped jeans outfits – we just may have to style our cropped jeans a bit differently than a leggy model would! One technique to lengthen the look of our legs is in the shoes we wear. Heels, wedges and nude color shoes offset the shortening effect of crop jeans.

  • Heels worn with cropped jeans will make your legs look longer.

Nude flats or heels will elongate your legs

  • Wearing shoes that closely match your skin tone extend the line of your legs and make them look longer.
  • Wearing nude color heels will maximize the leg lengthening effect.

Alternative – Vertical Stripes

Like many of us, you may not have a slim rectangle or ruler figure or an inverted triangle body shape that can easily wear stripes – but there are other options for a colorful casual sweater or top to wear with this outfit. If you don’t want to wear horizontal stripes because they may widen your figure, consider vertical striped sweaters or color blocking.

Spring and summer tops and shoes for the cropped jeans outfit

This look can be easily translated to spring and summer tops. Here are examples of warmer weather horizontal and vertical colorful striped tops.

Sandals to wear with the cropped jeans outfit

Warm weather and a new outfit are perfect excuses to pick up some cute strappy sandals or slides.

So even if we don’t have the tall and lean figure that Alessandra Ambrosio has, we can all wear cropped jeans with a few style guidelines to look our best in them. The look of Alessandra Ambrosio’s casual style can be an option for diverse body shapes with a little adjustment.

Choosing alternatives like The Mother Insider Crop Jeans in a darker color and the MOTHER The Tomcat Jeans in a darker wash, wearing heels and nude color shoes are things you can do to make the look work for you and ‘steal her style’ but make it your own. I hope you found the outfit ID and the style tips useful. Be sure to drop by again and check out more from Types of Jean Fits.

alessandra ambrosio, cropped jeans outfit, outfit id, steal her style, get the look
Alessandra Ambrosio Casual Jeans Outfit, Mother The Insider Crop Jeans

Images: Pinterest, GotCeleb, SuperiorPics

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