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Casual outfits with jeans

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casual jeans outfit

Even though you can dress up denim, casual has long been synonymous with jeans. Casual outfits with jeans are a go-to styling choice for informal gatherings at home or to run errands.The many types of jeans for women and the variety of  denim washes, finishes and colors  lend to a plethora of styling possibilities.

Pair your favorite casual or comfy jeans with a t-shirt, sweater or button down shirt. Slip on a pair of boots or pumps or for maximum comfort, sandals or sneakers and you are ready to be on the go!

Casual jeans outfits may not make a splash or scream “fashionista” but are the fashion interpretation of “comfort food”. Muted colors and pastels, tans, basic white or black communicate that you are all about business as you run your errands or that at a gathering whether at home or at a park the emphasis is on fun and activity.

But if you just can’t resist letting some of that fashionista flare shine through – these color palettes make an excellent back drop to add a small pop of color or pattern. Try a colorful bangle or two or three. Animal prints can add interest. Colorful kicks are funky and fun. Whether you keep it muted or give a wink to a more jazzy fashion style – jeans are a staple

Casual Outfits With Jeans: Ways to Style


T-shirts and Jeans

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word “jeans’ and ‘casual” is the t-shirt. Whether a white t-shirt or striped or graphic or patterned tee – nothing says casual like a t-shirt and jeans. Whether you stick with the most basic components or add some snazzy accessories or interesting shoes to jazz up your outfit, these are must haves for casual outfits with jeans.

Casual Jeans Outfits with Sweaters and Button-Down Tops



Color and Animal Print with a Jeans Outfit

Shoes, sandals, flats and accessories can add a bit of fun or glamour to your casual jeans outfit. Colorful sneakers or animal print sneakers keep things casual but fun.


Splash of color – shoes gallery

Animal Print gallery

Wear a Long Cardigan or Coat with a Casual Jeans Outfit

A cardigan or coat for cooler months can be understated or add a bit of elegance or daring to your casual outfits with jeans and slim your figure at the same time. A long cardigan or coat in a contrasting color will create a narrow vertical line.  If you are short and have a plus-size/full figure, your outerwear ending at the knee is the best look to slim.  For all body types, a long cardigan or coat can add color, pattern or contrast to a any casual jeans and top combo.

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