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Casual Jean Outfits: 12 Pieces, Dazzling Color + Checkered Jeans

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Samara Weaving wore one of the more dazzling casual jean outfits I’ve seen in a while. She gives us style inspiration which proves that the audience at a fashion show can inspire us as well as the models on the runway. The outfit she wore to the Louis Vuitton show during Paris Fashion Week is an inspiration for our own casual jean outfits for a look that’s definitely not ho-hum.

The red turtleneck, the Louis Vuitton blue blazer and jeans, and the silver-toed black pumps and handbag make a polished and chic jeans outfit. But I picked two components of Samara Weaving’s outfit as inspiration for a casual outfit with jeans – the colorful knit top and checkered jeans.

casual jean outfits, Samara Weaving, checkered jeans

Samara Weaving, Louis Vuitton Show at Paris Fashion Week

Samara Weaving is wearing  Louis Vuitton Straight Cut Denim Pants. They are in the Louis Vuitton Damier print. (Damier translates from the French to mean “checkerboard” in English)

A close-up of the Damier print with “LOUIS VUITTON PARIS” emblazoned diagonally in one of the checkerboard squares.

casual jean outfits, Louis Vuitton, Damier

Louis Vuitton Damier Print Jeans Detail

Here is a detail of the Louis Vuitton Damier Azur print used for Louis Vuitton handbags and accessories.

Louis Vuitton, Damier, Azur Print

Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Print

Inspired by Samara Weaving’s jeans outfit – I found jeans that have a checkerboard pattern and some sweaters and knits in colors that pop. (This is more of and idea board since some of the tops and jeans in this article may no longer be available)

Casual Jean Outfits Idea: Checkerboard Jeans

These ASOS jeans create a check print pattern by an overlay of overlapping, semi-opaque horizontal and vertical stripes. The visual effect is evocative of a tartan print.

These Marc Jacobs jeans form a checker print with squares in different washes of denim. A checkerboard pattern is formed from black denim and an acid wash denim hues.

These Rosetta Getty wide-leg jeans have a checkered pattern made of higher contrast, multi-toned squares.

If you’re more reserved and can’t quite do a bold checkered jean, try these B SIDES Arts Embroidered Mid-Rise Straight-Leg Jeans. Just a hint of a checkered pattern with a few embroidered squares across the upper part of the jeans.

Casual Jean Outfits: Color, A Top that Pops

You can’t easily go wrong with an assortment of colorful sweaters and knit tops that will get you noticed. Bulk-up your wardrobe for 3 seasons and pick different weights of knit tops/sweaters for spring, fall and winter wear.





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