Bella Hadid in low-rise jeans. The return of low rise jens.

Low-Rise Jeans, Back on Trend

They’re back! Low-rise jeans that is… This fashion fact has been greeted with enthusiasm by some and with more than hesitation by others. But there isn’t a need for so …

Best Jeans For Your Body Shape


For a  rectangle body shape, the hips and shoulders have a similar width, the waist is undefined - overall, less curvy. Can vary from a slim, boyish figure to a thicker rectangle shape.

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An hourglass body shape is balanced in proportions and has a small waist.

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Inverted Triangle / Athletic

An athletic body shape can refer to an inverted triangle shape (shoulders are wider than hips) or a figure characterized by muscular legs.

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Oval/Apple & Diamond

The oval/apple shaped body and diamond shaped body both tend to have extra weight around the midsection. They differ in the top proportions and in the arms and legs.


A pear shaped body features small to average breasts and fuller bottom, proportionally wider hips than shoulders and a narrow waist.

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Petite, Tall, Plus & Vertical Proportions

Jean fits for tall, petite and plus-size women. Styling tips for short torso/long legs, long torso/short legs and balanced proportions.

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